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HTC provides has experience with a full spectrum of subjects including:

  • Advertising
  • Journal Articles
  • Scripts
  • Brochures
  • Legal Documents
  • Scientific Papers
  • Technical Manuals
  • Medical Reports
  • Financial
  • Contracts and Patents
  • Aerospace
  • Maritime
  • Electronics
  • Promotional Materials
Translation Price in K words of Chinese (English or Japanese to Chinese) US$ 35
Translation Price in K words of Chinese (Chinese to English or Japanese) US$ 45
Translation Price in K words of Japanese(English to Japanese) US$ 75
Translation Price in K words of Japanese (Japanese to English) US$ 87
Overcharge for Rush Work Free for large or long-term project.

Translation Speed
Time for translation Chinese characters' number
24 hrs 6000
48 hrs 12,000
3 days 35,000
4 days 45,000
5 days 60,000
6 days 80,000

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Email: zxd@hlyt.com
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