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Quality Control

  • Quality Control
    HTC tests and certifies all translators, classifying them into three grades according to which translation tasks are assigned. In addition, we have established a flexible and efficient organizational structure with special operating procedures to guarantee quality control.

  •  Project Analysis
    We accept projects in nearly any file format. Upon receiving your documents, we review the text for Content and Word Count, and any formatting that is necessary. After you send us a request, we can usually provide you with a free estimate within a couple of hours. 

  • Translator Review
    HTC makes a special effort to match translators with specific skills to the job, by searching for those who have extensive experience in the client's desired field. Our translators are carefully screened and their abilities analyzed in order to provide the best solution for your project. All of HTC's translations are handled by professional native speakers. 

  •  Translation
    Our project managers ensure that the project is accomplished with consistency and efficiency. Each project contains an integrated glossary management system. Industry-specific and culture-specific terminology files are created in order to maintain the highest quality and consistency.

  •  Editing/ 2nd Proofreading
    After the translation has been completed, we offer an optional but highly recommended Second Proofreading Service. This means that a second, independent team of translators proofreads and edits the translation. The process eliminates spelling errors, typos, and grammatical errors in the translation. The second team of translators also reviews terminology issues.

  •  Formatting/DTP
    HTC is fully equipped with the latest software applications. Whether you need a four-color brochure formatted in a foreign script or need a one-page form translated, we can accept nearly any file format. Our staff is trained specifically to handle Desktop Publishing and Editing in Chinese or foreign languages.

  •  Quality Analysis
    After the project has been translated and formatted, our project manager thoroughly reviews the output product. We ensure that the newly translated document/web page matches the source version. We work with our international colleagues to review the translation.

  • Project Delivery
    Your project is delivered to you via FTP, Email or on CD or disk. HTC can expedite any project, from a one-page letter to a 200,000-word manual, quickly and efficiently. The turnaround time for a project varies depending upon the complexity of the text and the formatting involved. We offer Rush Services for an extra fee. Most projects of 30-40 pages or less (approx. less than 10,000 words) can be completed the next day for a rush fee.



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