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World Major Search Engines List


Complete SE list

7Search -Pay for position SE.
Acclaim Search -by ValueCom.
AOL -Lousy web search.
AllCrawl -"Why Choose, When You Can Have It All?"
All The Web -Claims alot of pages, but disappointing.
AltaVista -THE KING of search engines! Also offers translation.
Amnesi -Search internet server names (DNS names). 
Ampleo -Human interactive search engine. Free.
Ask Jeeves -Uses natual language input. Mediocre.
Deja.Com -Search UseNet newsgroups. 
Deoji -Includes tools for WebTV.
DevSearch -The web developer's SE. 
DirectHit -One of the biggies. Pretty good.
Excite -Rated as one of the best SEs.
Findit2000 -
FindWhat -Pay for position. 
Frequent Finders -Search for words in the actual URLs. 
Funkycat -International search engine with a broad index.
Google -Huge *and* accurate, a favorite. Weighs popularity.
Go2Net -
GoTo -Top pay for position SE, high commercial relevance.
HotBot -Scalable. Search a domain, eg. [.edu].
iBound -
Info Hiway
InfoSeek -Owned by Disney. Average.
Intelliseek -Their Profusion site allows searching 1000 sites, including many on the 'invisible web'
IXQuick -Highly rated.
Jump City
Kanoodle -Pay for position SE.
Link Centre
Link Master
Links2Go -Most-referenced pages by topics; it's also personalizable.
Look Up
Lost Link/ Web Links -Great site, adds links instantly... with banners! 
Lycos -"Wolf spider" (Latin). Another SE biggie.
MSN -Compulsory listing. Why do business with a crooked monopolist?
Nexor Aliweb -
NorthernLight -Recommended, plus a special pay collection. 
Pathfinder/ Time-Warner -Time, People, Money, Fortune, etc...
Reference.Com -UseNet resources
Rocket Links -Pay for position SE.
Scrub The Web -Robot SE claims to have indexed 80 MM pages. Search.Com -CNET. Infoseek SE, own db for subjects. 
Search4Info -
Search Hound -Pay for position. Slow?
Search King -Indexes instantly. Surfers votes determine ranking. 
Snap -Advanced setting allows excluding words, eg. xxx, porn, etc..
Splat Search -
Subjex -
Super Cyber Search -Pay for position.
ToggleBot -10MM URLs. MetaSearch, Directory, Auction Search, etc..
TopClick -The Private SE. Claims to protect privacy. No cookies.
WebCrawler -Very user friendly interface. Owned by Excite.
Web Direct -
WebSearch2K -New SE, pay for position, no adult. 
Where2Go -TOP 20 search engine, directory of URLs. 
WWWHunter -
Yahoo! -If AltaVista is the KING, Yahoo! is the QUEEN.
Zen Search -
Z Search -"The last name in searching"



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