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  •  Application base
    1.1 WEB database development
    1.1.1 Commercial database product development
    1.1.2. Complex database inquiry and mgmt systems
    1.2 Sophisticated website design and applications
    1.2.1 Electronic business platform development and design (e-shopping)
    1.2.2 B2B website design, platform development
    1.2.3. E-commerce
    1.2.4. Software development
    1.2.5. Campus-wide network projects
    1.2.6. Internet applications and development

  •  Development of applications
    2.1 High-definition video conferencing on high-speed Internet systems
    2.2 IP network multi-media phone systems
    2.3 Chinese operating systems based on UNIX 
    2.4 TAF nerve fiber network theory, algorithms and information management
    2.5 Radio signal recognition and modulation
    2.6 IP and video IP calling centers 
    2.7 LDAP protocol-based catalog service systems and network data security 

    Successful Cases

    After 2 years, HLYT has provided professional software development, software development services, campus network construction, Internet applications development, e-commerce, etc. to both government and private sector organizations. We have served a wide range of organizations, including educational organizations, telecommunications providers, and tax bureaus, successfully developing websites such as: 


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