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  •  Graphic Design 
    We offer holistic design and planning of your company's website, resolution of the website localization, CI plane design, and production of advertisement articles, trademarks, logos, etc. Our excellent planning staff, graphic designers and network software designers will work together to provide the best solution for your company's image.

    Graphic Design Procedure: 
    (1) Accepting customer's commission, cost calculation, signing an agreement
    (2) HLYT's professional planning staff discusses the design details and lay out working procedures with the customer.
    (3) HLYT's graphic designers work out effect pictures for customer modification. 
    (4) Customers provide necessary materials.
    (5) HLYT's professionals begin designing.
    (6) The design result is given to customer.

  •  Commercial Website Design
    HLYT intensively researches our customers' requests and provides a total solution to them. Customers do not have to possess technical backgrounds or need to know the exact meaning of those boring technical terms. They just tell us their ideas and we work out a solution for them. From a simple web page connection to dynamic effects, we can also establish an commercial database for all your company's products. We can even make the world focus on your company by putting your company's website on the most active website center of the world. 

  •  Design & Printing of Advertisements
    HLYT designs and prints advertisements, color paper, letters and gift packages. HLYT also designs trademarks and posters for companies. 

  •  Successful Cases:



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